Can't pick device nor change language


Hey guys, hope I dont open the same topic again.

I wanted to install mblock5 to our organisation laptops. We are using mblock3 on all of them with no problems so far. Using my private laptop everything works fine after the installation, so there might be a problem on those laptops I can’f find.

Now with the installation of mblock5:
1.) I can’t change the device to arduino uno or any other, see attached image1. The OK button keeps spinning, nothing happens. First I could also not see the connect button, after installing the drivers manually as mentioned here: I can connect.
Now im connected to it, but im still not in arduino mode, so I cant work that way.

2.) I can’t change the language of mblock5. On my private laptop there is a drowpdown list to choose from. Pressing “translation update” yields “All up-to-date”.

Hope somebody can help me with an easy workaround?
Thanks for your work!


How about restarting your computer?


That is very strange. Now the latest version 5.1, we tested ok and never found same issue like yours.

Would you mind reinstalling the mBlock 5?

Also can we get your computer information?


Hey guys, sorry for the late reply, went for holidays just after my request :wink:

Thanks for your quick replies!

Nice that you think of the easy fixes like restarting and reinstalling :wink: Of course I tried those steps. As mentioned it does not work on several laptops of the same kind.

Those are Lenovo V130, standard stuff with Win10.
Today Im going to check some drivers and updates. I keep you updated!
If you have any more suggestions those are appreciated :wink:


Installed it on another laptop, same brand, now when picking a devices a popup “No Network, try again…” pops up. Of course I am connected via wifi. I set up firewall rules to allow mblock5, but it did not change anything :wink:


Update #2:
On the other notebook I can at least pick between english and mandarin (or waht language is that? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


Hello caspar,
This week I got the same issue like yours and we found that the issue caused by limited network. So what kind of network you used? Any limitation?
Please try to put the url in the browser and see if any error message:


Thats what I thought as well. Tried installing a previous version, same errors.

The link gives me a simple “true”.
Network is a standard wifi environment. Good enough for everything else.


May I know your region please? And if possible to test with a hotspot from mobile phone 4g network? I will forward your details to the developers.
Please also try:


Im sitting here in Germany, will try the mobile hotspot though I don’t think it will make a difference. Tried Cable as well. mblock5 is working on the older laptops in the same environment!

The online mblock does work, unfortunately we can’t rely on network on our workshops…

Thanks for the reply again!

P.S.: Tried a hotspot. Did not make a difference.


Any more tips?


Sorry for the delay. We took long time and several devices, we can’t duplicate the same issue. Please check if you can open the two urls:


Hi Tech again,

I can open those, though I dont know what exactly I should see.
Both show me


and under data lots of code.
Any more info you can use?


Hi caspar,
Please try to delete your installation route:
c:/your route/mblock/langs
Then try to restart mBlock 5.