Can't find parts for Airblock (Europe)



as a teacher we have a bunch of mbots with add-ons and 6 airblocks.
3 of those are broken at the moment. Student turned of the motors mid air and they didn’t survive the fall. Some components are broken so I was checking our contactperson where we bought them. The parts aren’t in stock, haven’t been for a while and not to be expected to come soon.

Other retailpoints tell me the same problem.

We wanted to buy:
3x MC-6A Battery nodig (P1040007)
6x MC-6A Head Power Module (P1040005)
6x MC-6A Power Module Clockwise (P1040004)
6x MC-6A Power Module – Contrarotate (P1040006)
3x MC-6A Propellor (P1040001)

Is there any source you might know of that still sells these parts in Western Europe? The school is situated in The Netherlands but buying from Belgium or Germany is not a problem.

Secondly is this thing going to be discontinued since the lack in parts? The mbot parts however we can get allmost everywhere.

Thanks for your time and regards