Cant Drag When mBot Starts Event


Hello Everyone,I Have A mBot Simulator That I Simulate My mBlock Codes In It But In mBlock5 An Event Is Being Gray And Cant Add It For Some Reason…


where did you get the simulator,some of your codes maybe cannot comptiable with our mBlock 5,you can programming all your codes it in our mBlock 5 again.


Thats not the important,Because the simulator has in built mBlock4 program.But i want to try this with mBlock 5 to test them in class.


Every mBlock version released to market is to fix the issues or bugs which feedback by users or our internal team,minor change will not affect its compatible,but big changes will affect its compatible for some blocks.update from mBlock 4 to mBlock 5 is a big change,we have changed many blocks’ attribute

As you said the programs were programmed in mBlock 4,but open in mBlock 5 some of blocks are in gray,those gray blocks are not compatible with mBlcok 5,you need programming all your blocks again in mBlcok 5,otherwise you can only use in mBlock 4.