Can't connect via bluetoooth - new macbook air


Hi there,
I have been using the macbook (intel processor) with the codey and the bluetooth connection works perfectly.

Now I have the macbook air (apple processor) and I can’t connect to the codey rocky.
The software doesn’t see the codey.

I have copied the previous macbook (intel processor) and all it’s settings into the new one (using the apple tool).
The old mac still works perfectly with code.

The privacy settings allow app store and “identified developers”.
The makeblock software is the most recent one.
I have no clue what to do. Any ideas?


Hmmm… sounds nasty. I see that there was problems initially, but Apple supposedly fixed them.

BE SURE you Air is up to date with all Apple updates.

You can also try this (from this link about M1 Mac Mini)…

  1. Press and hold the Shift + Option keys and then click on the Bluetooth icon in the top menu bar.
  2. From the box, click on Reset Bluetooth Module
  3. Once it is done, you can reboot the Mac (Mini) for the best results.

There are more things to try in the above link, if the above 3 steps don’t work!


Hi there:

If you want to connect your laptop or macbook with your codey you need to use the makeblock bluetooth dongle,bulit-in bluetooth fuction won’t work.


Are you sure?
My older Macbook works with the codey (via bluetooth) perfectly.


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