Can't connect to my MBot V1.10 with my phone apps, mblock software


I bought MBot Version 1.1(Bluetooth version) and I can’t connect it with makeblock apps from my phone.
And it also didn’t work in mblock software from my computer,too.
(mblock 3.4.11,3.4.12 can’t find Bluetooth &
mblock 5.2.0 show connected Bluetooth but programm didn’t work which was perform correctly with cable)
Please help me to find out what’s wrong with my procedure and apologies for my gramma mistake as English is not our native language.
Thank You.



In the mBlock 5 app when connected, are you trying LIVE or DOWNLOADED?


Hi mp17,

Sorry for the delay, is the problem solved or not?
For the problem that the mBot Bluetooth can’t connect to the makeblock APP,please check if there is blue LED keep slow flashing on the bluetooth module? If yes, please kindly refer to this document have a try.27. How to connect mBot Bluetooth to Makeblock (747.6 KB)

Regarding to the Bluetooth connection issue with mBlock 3 and mBlock 5 software, I wonder do you have the makeblock Bluetooth adapter? Could you please take a picture to show the bluetooth module on your robot?