Can't connect neuron to mBlock


I can’t connect my neuron blocks to mBlock on my PC. I use an USB-Cable that is connected to the WIFI-Block (I didn’t have a bluetooth modul).

When trying to connect the neuron, I’ll always see the window “Connect device” with “No device can be detected to connect”.

I use mBlock 5 Beta 2. Same results with a Mac.

Any suggestions?

BTW: seems completely out of date.



I have the same problem :cry:

Win10 Fam.
Version v5.0.0-beta2.3 in English

USB with Bluetooth block

USB with Wifi block (connect in USB or directly on the block Wifi)


Hi all,
We cannot use wifi block module to connect PC with usb cable, since wifi block does not use CH340. Please buy a bluetooth module.


Hi Tech_support,

How can we upload our mBlock program in the WIFI block to make them standalone?

Is it by the cloud?


Hi tech_support,

I own 2 Bluetooth blocks.
They are updated to the latest version but they do not have the same behavior.

  1. A Bluetooth block included in the KitStarter All-In-One Kit.
  2. A Bluetooth block included in the Inventor kit from Amazon.

With the Neuron app on iPad connected with a Power block

  1. Bluetooth KitStarter of the All-In-One kit. It is functional and the light is green.
    The connection is correct.
  2. Amazon Bluetooth Inventor Kit. It is functional and the light of the block is blue.
    The connection is a little hard but it’s ok.

With the application mBlock on PC plugged into USB and without power block

  1. Bluetooth KitStarter of the All-In-One Kit (NOT FUNCTIONAL)
  • It flashes green at the connection.
  • It detects COM6 when you click on the button: Connect
  • It displays the message: Connection error Please try to connect again when you click on the button: Connection
  • The light always flashes green and flashes
  1. Inventor Kit Amazon Bluetooth (FUNCTIONAL).
  • It flashes green at the connection for a few seconds and then it flashes blue.
  • It detects COM4 when clicking on the button: Connect
  • It displays the message: Connected! when you click on the button: Connection
  • The light is green and does not blink.


Hi Crackel,
We’ve checked that old version Bluetooth module light is green and doesn’t support serial port to PC. The one you bought from kickstar should be old version and now we only sell new version.


I will never be able to use mBlock from my PC?


Hi Crackle,
For the old version Bluetooth module, we can use Bluetooth dongle to connect it to mBlock.
By the way, we can only upload program through WiFi Module.


Hi tech_support,

I do not want to break the party but I do not have a Bluetooth doogle with my Kickstarter All-In-One kit.
Usually, I should be able to work with mBlock under PC. It was one of the characteristics of the kickstarter.

Maybe the WIFI will come later but for now, my Bluetooth block connects only to the tablet.


Hi Crackel,
Actually neuron was released earlier than mBlock 5. Later we planed to make mBlock 5 support neuron, so we improved the Bluetooth module. For the old Bluetooth module, the way will be using Bluetooth dongle.
And the Bluetooth dongle not only works for neuron, it also works for all Makeblock products like mBot, Ranger.


Conclusion with the Bluetooth Kickstarter, you need the Makeblock doogle?


For Kickstar All-in-one Neuron with old version Bluetooth, yes.
Now old version Bluetooth is not available. We added new version Bluetooth to Kickstar All-in-one kits.


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