Cannot update MTiny firmware


Hello, i just purchased the MTiny, unfortunately i encored in two problems:

  1. with the remote control of the pen: the pen can pairing normally and can programming the MTiny properly but if i try to control it in remote mode (with the joystick) it doesn’t work! Then i try to update the firmaware and i got the second issue:
  2. after plug to the USB port, PC can see MTiny as disk but it cannot be opened because Windows asks for format it. Now i’m wondering that if i do it i’ll lose the system inside MTiny…
    Then in conclusion:
    pen cannot work in remote (i guess due to a firmware issue!) and MTiny cannot updating coz Win10 cannot recognize the file system (i even try with Win7, same issue!)
    Can you help me to figure out?
    Thank you and


Hi Alessandro, I believe I replied you via email yesterday. If there’s any more question, please reply me via email so that I can see it in the first time.