Cannot stop move forward


I have the following program:


One it is started, the stop button (red with a white square) cannot stop the execution.

How can I stop the program without turning off the robot?


Hi fgervais,

The “Stop” button stops the execution of the program and not of the robot. You can add stop condition like push button or others.



So there is no program running but the robot is still moving?



Here is my reasoning and that even if I am not in electronics. You have a motor that has no intelligence and can receive positive current on pin 1 for one direction of rotation or receive current on the other pin for opposite rotation. The intensity of the current indicates the speed of rotation.

When the mBot receives the instruction to open the current on pin 1 at 50% current … it ensures that the door is open and the motor starts. When the mBot receives the instruction again to open the current on the same pin at the same intensity … it makes sure that the gate is open … and that as long as it is in the loop.

When the program stops abruptly, the processing unit stops working but the door remains open and the mBot still being supplied with electricity, the motor still receives its current on pin 1 with the same intensity.

The mBot is really stopped but the state of the doors will be reset to zero when the mBot is operational again (during robot initialization).


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