Cannot find app.runDevice evn


Hi !!
I had already publish my device.
In web (, I connected my device on USB.

In upload mode, I can upload a firmware via USB.
And in live mode, I can upload a pre-compiled-firmware via USB.

In Live mode, I cannot send a message when click a block - a block that send some bytes via USB.
Error Log is " Cannot find app.runDevice env" on chrome debug console.

I downloaded a mext file from extension builder page.
and I add the mext file to mBlock offline version.
On offline mblock app, the above problem does not occur.

I hope you give a solution how to fix this problem or give some insight.

Thank you.


The problem you are experiencing is a glitch in the latest mBlock web version. Soon, the issue should be resolved, and you can test your extension then!

Thanks for your time,