Cannot connect mBlock5 to Codey


Hi all.

I connected Codey to my laptop using the USB cable.
The device is detected by my computer ( it is present when I check under ‘Ports’ in ‘Device Manager’, Windows 10).
When I click ‘Connect’ in mBlock5, it keeps ‘Scanning for a COM port’ forever.
It’s the same thing when I connect throught the Bluetooth dongle.

I know the Codey is working as when I use MakeBlock app in my phone, Codey works.
Any way to fix this? Thank you.


Hello tasneem,
Maybe the driver installation fails. I sent you an email with that driver and some troubleshooting points on this issue. Please check it.


I uninstalled mBlock5 and disable all firewall/antivirus.
I installed the driver and mBlock5 again.
But it still keeps “Scanning for COM ports”.ss1

It’s not that it’s not detecting the COM port, it’s just scanning forever.

It does not work with mBlock either.

On another laptop it works (this one does not have internet connection)
I’m not sure if there is a problem with my laptop.


Hi tasneem,
Please make sure no antivirus and firewall disabled and then reinstall the mBlock 5 software.


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