Cannot add my extension TM1637


Dear all,
I create my extension for TM1637 as above image.
I input source file TM1637Display.h at tab “Add source file” and Upload transcode at tab “Basic configuration”
But when I test and upload code to Arduino Uno R3, it warning error:

C:\Users\John\mblock-avr\temp\build\TM1637\TM1637Display.cpp:24:10: fatal error: TM1637Display.h: No such file or directory #include <TM1637Display.h> ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ compilation terminated.

Failed to compile file TM1637/TM1637Display.cpp
arduino build failed.

Could you support me to fix the error ?


Hi hoavinh108,

Thanks for reaching out to us. Could you please let me know which version of mBlock are you using? Are you using the Web version or the PC version?




Dear sir,
I’m using version 5.2.0.
This is PC version

#4 (4.3 KB)
This is my .h & .cpp file


Anyone can help me ?

#6 (72.4 KB)
This is my file extension in mBlock