Can the Laserbox be used to make circuit boards


Basically it would need to etch through copper and cut holes. I haven’t seen anyone mention it but just curious.


Hi Bobgner

Are you looking to etch or cut the circuit boards. I don’t think a 40W CO2 laser is capable of cutting circuits, but I’m sure our friends @tech_support would clarify this for you. Etching I believe is possible but not something I personally would know where to start!


Hi Bobgner, if you were talking about PCB boards, technically yes we can, the power is enough to cut through the PCB boards, but as far as I’m concerned, we haven’t tested PCB boards yet, but Acrylic is tested to be OK(big smells although). You can have a try with the PCB boards, but for those materials haven’t been tested yet, please make sure to start with small power and keep an eye on the progress in case of fire. Safety first!