Can’t connect my macbook air to laser box rotary!


i have just purchased the laserbox rotary & i can not connect it to my macbook air using the USB (with the USB to USBC port) . my mac has big sur 11.1 it won’t connect using wifi until i first connect with the usb. i can’t use a ethernet cable because my macbook air does not have a port to connect that to. need help asap!


Yes, I have been trying to connect for 4 days and all to nothing, help please!!!


if you happen to figure it out, let me know! lol. looks like we won’t be getting a response until at least the 7th. i’m losing my mind!


After upgrading to the latest system Bigsur, the Apple computer cannot connect because the SIP protection system is turned on. You can manually close the SIP and try to connect again. The closing steps are as follows:
a.Turn off your Mac (Apple> Shut Down)
b.Hold down Command-R and press the Power button
c. Wait for OS X to boot into the OS X Utilities window
d.Choose Utilities> Terminal
e.Enter csrutil disable
f.Enter reboot
g.Run the command on Terminal: sudo kextload /Library/Extensions/HoRNDIS.kext

Or you can close all circumvention software (100% cannot connect when the circumvention software is open);

  1. Wait for the machine to turn on, and the 6 ring lights are always white, and then connect to the software (if 6 white lights cannot be turned on, it means the machine itself is abnormal), after the connection, there will be a beep, and the 6 ring lights will change to Blue
  2. Insert the USB before turning on the laser box, turn on the laser box, and connect to the host computer;
  3. Use a network cable to connect the device to the computer. If the Apple computer cannot be connected to the USB, you can use the network cable adapter to try to connect or use the windows computer to connect and configure the Wifi connection


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