Can not call the Custom Widget from the Button


Can not call the Custom Widget from the Button (Blocks category) from the submenu. The JS error is this “Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘id’)”. The same widget works fine from the Command block.
Here is the screen:


Sorry you are having trouble again. I am trying to recreate you extension so that I can test and find what your issue is. I might not get back to this until tomorrow. Thanks!


@Pavel using your code I was not able to make a functional extension, could you please provide the code used in the blocks and other areas?


@Best_codes , thanks for your help.
I’ve made a simple example (just does cobsole.log() ) that shows the problem. Here it is: (40.0 KB)


Thanks, but that file is the wrong format to import.


In this forum, there is no option to load .mext files. So, I’ve zipped the .mext and loaded it. Just unzip that.


OK, sorry. :blush:


From my research, it appears that mBlock has an error when you try to put a widget in a button. I’ll contact them about it and hope they fix it soon.




No problem! By the way, the mBlock weather extension has some custom widgets in it. I can send you the download link to the extension if you want.


Thanks @Best_codes , I’ve already got that from you****.mext


Yes, that was a private message… :slight_smile:


@Best_codes Sorry, I have not noticed :wink:
Now it is a private


Thanks. :grin:


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