Can I customize the button in the makeblock apps to execute specific commands?


Hello everybody!

I am currently working on a project with the ultimate robot tank. The objective of this project is actually to get the robot to pick something up from Point A and place it at Point B. Now, I am trying to get the robot to be able to pick something up at Point A and be able to place it EITHER at Point B, C or D depending on what the User chooses. Is there a way to do this?

I was thinking of using the makeblock app to be a user interface. As I can my phone (Makeblock App) to the robot through bluetooth and I am able to design the user interface. I was thinking it would be great if i can create buttons and customise them to go to point B, C or D when pressed by the user. However, in the app, i can only code each buttons with block codes as shown in the picture below:

Is it possible for me to code each buttons with written codes just like the makeblock app in PC?


Is there a better way for me to achieve the objective of my project?

Thank You in advanced!


2nd Paragraph,

As i can connect my phone*

my bad, typo


Hi ShunYao, I think that’s doable, and here’s a simple program which you can test. However, we won’t provide any programs, you need to try and find the best design by yourself.


I see, so the only way to program the buttons is to use codeblocks?

There is no way to use arduino C/Python to code it?


By using the Makeblock App, yes. Ultimate 2.0 only supports ArduinoC, not Python. Due to the experience to code in ArduinoC or Python on smart devices could be frustrating, we didn’t open this function in App. So if you want to use ArduinoC, please choose to work on PC software.


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