Can HaloCodey control mBot DC motor?


I have seen video HaloCode can control servo motor to open and close garage in the Smart Home.

But I want to know: can HaloCode control mBot DC motor, I have mBot and I want to try make a car toy use HaloCode with mBot motor.
Its for fun, hope someone can help me to know thạt.


I haltptit,

I have the same question but I should have the answer in a few weeks.

I know Halocode has enough power to run an mBot engine. The problem is that alone, it seems imposible and activate it or choose the direction of rotation. I think you have to add that:

I’m waiting for this piece of china because although Makeblock says the Halocode works with a hundred sensors, I do not know how to get it.

I hope another person on the forum can answer us. I think there is a lack of documentation for the extensions.


Thank you, Crackel

I think its the same question and someone will try that.
I hope another person can answer and show how HaloCode works.


Hi Haltptit,

I had forgotten you. Sorry.
This is what you were looking for.

The higher the value value, the slower the motor will go. The value 1023 = Stop. Towards 650, it does not move but the current always passes.

The value 0, I drive fast enough but I do not know if it can go faster.

It takes 2 outlets to steer the motor. This corresponds to the 2 sides that the engine can turn. I did not try to send in 2 outputs at the same time because I guess the engine will not split into 2.

I will not put any links here because I buy the engines and components on AliExpress and it’s really not very expensive. Conclusion: ServoMotor and Motor with HaloCode work.

If you want to know how to connect, you ask on the forum, I will indicate it in another post.