Camera - recognition services


can I use the neuron camera with the recognition services (Sorry, I translated this expression from Polish, so may be the original name is different)?

I mean - face recognition, age recognition, gestures, mood etc.

Possible case:

  • codey rocky drives around for 5 seconds - stops - and depending on what he sees in the camera reacts (display, direction, etc)

And in case it is possible - how to do it?
My Idea would be:

  1. Connect the camera to home WIFI
  2. Use the recognition services of the sprites on the computer.
    2a. But how would the computer know which camera (build in or the neuron camera) to use?
  3. Sends the result to codey rocky

You may think: Why doesn’t he check this out?
Simple answer: I don’t have the neuron block yet. :slight_smile:


Hi zstaszewski,

You can use Neuron camera connected to PC and mBlock software.

Cannot connect to a Codey Rocky. It was possible to connect to the Neurons WIFI block but I am no longer able. As if the functionality no longer exists; (

Since the WIFI block does not work on the mBlock application, it is impossible to do what you are trying to do.


thank you.


I hope it would be possible in the future, it could be a very great activity in teaching AI.

You can’t do it through mBlock, but you can thorugh pc. If you connect the Neuron camera to the pc, you can use it with the machine learning extension and with the AI extension, and then use the cloud messages for interact with Codey Rocky.


Hi FabioDaRolt,

This is true, but we can also use a normal webcam. It would have been better to have a solution directly on the Codey. It’s for another time;)


You’re right, but maybe the webcam is too much static… With another camera connected via USB you can put it on the table or somewhere ;-))


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