Camera block


Hi I’m looking for information on this block
Does it record video?
How can the images be transferred to computer or laptop?


Hi sparkie,

The Neuron blocks are not yet at their full potential.

Currently, it is possible to take photos in Tablet App and even display them on the Internet.

I do not find this possibility in mBlock. The instructions on the block seem nonexistent for now.

Otherwise, the camera block is a camera like a logitec or any other camera.
Connect to Windows, she can record videos and take pictures.

What would you like to do exactly?


with the camers I want to make a zipcam - using 2 d motors and lego
we make movies in our class too and this could be a robotics project to add


The camera is not wireless and the WIFI block is quite expensive.

Currently, she does not take any video and the quality is not the same as a camera.
It is used to create a photo system when entering a room, moving or crossing a laser.

I would even be interested in trying a WebCam on my WIFI block.
Even if Makeblock will not like the idea, it could work (I have not tested).

I understand the idea but currently I do not think it is possible to record video.


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