Calibration problems and laserbox blocked


Hello my laserbox has calibration problems. The camera displays a crooked image. Calibrate with sheets a4, but now the machine is locked. It continues to make the sound of the motor as if it were working, but it is completely stopped and does not let me do anything. I don’t want to turn it off, it scares me a little :llorar:


Hi frcollio,

Which country are you in and where did you buy the laserbox machine? Could you please share me the SN (the SN sticker is on the back of the machine).

Regarding to the problem, do you mean the laser totally not work now? How about insert a tri-angle on the laserbox software and test the cutting it, could you please kindly take a vidoe to show your operation and the behaves on the machine while testing cutting a tri-angle?

For the further reply, could you please send email to to follow on this issue?


I am in Chile, I bought the machine in a store called “PC factory”
I enclose the information you requested. I did the calibration three times, but it still shows problems with the camera image.
Video and SM stiker


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