Bye bye!



Hi, phg1, MurrayElliot and CommandR,

It seems that the forum has been deserted by Makeblock because there doesn’t seem to be much response for several weeks. Probably, they chose another Facebook or other style format.

So, I’m going to leave the forum and maybe be back in the summer because the robotics competitions are coming up quickly. I’m going to get help to really make a difference.

Thank you …


Sadly, I think that you are right, but things may (we hope) look up.

Thanks for your valued contributions & keep up the good work that you are doing.

@tech support please note!


Hello, Crackel

Thank you for contacting us.
This is Max from Makeblock Technical Support Team.
Is there anything we can do to assist you?

Best Regards,


Hi makeblock123,

You can’t really do a few things for me as we have tried to make the forum more responsive to requests but obviously the active community is still quite limited. Makeblock doesn’t put much effort into it because a forum isn’t just a place where we post issues. It must be more because otherwise it looks like 4-5 problem posts per day.

The business strategy for North America is probably different from what I had hoped. Currently, I decided to go help for the LEGO competitions in the hope that some students qualify to go to Germany.

Your products are very good but unfortunately without a goal (competitions) or without a strong community, it’s very difficult to maintain interest. I have many of your products but in our schools, they have difficulty in being imposed.

Continue because you need an alternative to LEGO and your mBlock is really superior…




I don’t know if you realize, but @Crackel is one of the pillars of this forum. His contributions cannot be overstated. I’d go so far as to call him one of my ‘8 immortals’.

This forum, and using it for meeting people like him; that is what originally led me to makeblock. This forum has been a valuable resource, but it hasn’t been realized to its full potential. I hadn’t logged in for some time, and today I was specifically wanting to look at the work of @Crackel. Now I find this?

@makeblock123 this is not a pouty child saying “I’m leaving”. This is one of the backbones of the community, someone whose work of immeasurable value goes unrecognized.


Hi ProfessorHu,

Thanks, but I don’t see myself like that. If I stayed, it’s because of life on the forum and the problems to be solved. Currently, it’s LEGO competitions so I have less time. However, I will come to the forum maybe less often but I will continue to come and see.

You can always write to me but of course I will be much less helpful with all these new Makeblock products.

Fortunately, there are still very good active contributors.



@Crackel good luck with the competition season, hope you will return when things quieten down., your expertise will always be valued. It’s a shame that makeblock do not seem to share our passion for their products. Having some of their developers in here would make a huge difference to the forum.


Hello, I just had my first LEGO competition for the National qualification… I have 5 teams moving on to the next stage.

I learned a lot… and that’s probably the reason why Makeblock products work but not at their best. There is doing robotics for fun or doing robotics with a purpose. The youngster can lose interest when they don’t see a goal to achieve.

It simply lacks challenges or competitions because the products are innovative…



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