Buying Mbot 2 Flame sensors NZ



I’d love to purchase some Flame sensors (and others) individually. Is there anywhere online to do this? Based in NZ.



You can but an individual flame sensor here:

For mBot 2, you will need to purchase a convertor and RJ25 cable, too:
RJ25 to mBuild convertor:

RJ25 cable:

Total price in
US Dollars is $15.48
New Zealand Dollars is $29.40

Thanks for your time,


Thanks. Can you buy replacement Mbot 2 Ultrasonic / colour sensors? I teach Digital Tech and the robots I use get thrashed. With the Mbot 1 there it was easy to source replacement sensors but not so much with the Mbot 2


This is the closest I found:

It’s for mBot, not mBot 2, which means you will need another adapter board:

And another cable from the RJ25 four pack of cables I gave you the link to.

As for the Quad RGB Color Sensor for mBot 2, I couldn’t find anything remotely similar. This would have to do:

Which means another :money_with_wings: adapter (Click here),
and another cable from the RJ25 4 pack of cables I gave you a link to.

Thanks again for your time,


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