Bug in read encoder postion block


The smart encoder motor is a new motor designed for Novapi.


Ok this explains why I can’t find blocks or functions to control smart motor on the Aguria or MegaPi.

Can you please point me to the github repository for the blocks used by NovaPi for the smart motor???

Both the Aguria and MegaPi have the needed hardware to drive these motors the same as the smart servo, Does makeblock plan to add functionality for the smart motors to the Aguria and MegaPi???


Hi OutoftheBOTS,
The blocks for smart encoder motor has not been shared to github.
The smart servo is compatiable with megapi pro but not megapi.



Smart servo is on makeblock github see https://github.com/Makeblock-official/Makeblock-Libraries/blob/master/src/MeSmartServo.cpp

What is not available on github is the smart motor.

The blocks you post do not control smart servo or smart motor they control encoder motors plugged in to the 2 ports at the back of the Aguria.

Smart servo and smart motor plug into the serial motor port see this instruction for building thre dragin knight https://shop.allnet.de/media/pdf/95/18/36/157346-Datenblatt.pdf

These are the blocks to control smart servo.

I have looked on the NovaPi blocks and they do not have any blocks to control Makeblock 180 Smart Encoder Motor. Considering there isn’t anything on github and not any blocks anywhere for the smart motor is it possible that the smart servo blocks are used to also control the smart motor???


Hi OutoftheBOTS,
Sorry for the mistake in my last reply, yes I mean 180 smart encoder motor.(modify it)
As it was designed for Novapi, we can’t share it to Github, hope you can understand.
Yes the 180 smart encoder motor has the same connector with smart servo.
I hope you have read the guidance I shared, it is compatiable with Novapi and the blocks just like this.

The smart servo blocks can’t be used to control the 180 smart encoder motor.


OK thank you for the info.


My pleasure.


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