Broken pipe


Using my own written extension I get the following error message while compiling:

Is the number of files to compile limited? Any other hint?

EPIPE: broken pipe, write
Failed to compile file FastSmile/power_mgt.cpp
arduino build failed.


Hi Mari, thanks for reaching out, I’ve seen couple of questions you posted about this issue. Would that because of the size of your library / extension exceed some limitations? Do you mind send your extension to us via private message so we could check and test it for you to find the cause? We will delete it afterwards, please don’t worry.




Hi Allen,
thanks for your relpy. I changed from FastLED library to Adafruit Neopixel. The Neopixel library is much lighter. So I could make progress.
Regards, Marion


Hi Allan,
I gess, I managed to bulid my extensions. I already published them. They have to be reviewed first.
Regards, Marion


Hi Mari,

Sorry for the late reply. It seems that your issue was solved right?

At this time, users do have to wait for the result of the review and try to publish the extension for the second time. However, I guess there is a lot of situations that you need to modify the extension right after you submit it for review, due to some reasons. Am I right?