Broken github login - mBlock extension upload


Dear @tech_support,

Today I was trying to update one of my extensions for mBlock-3 to solve a bug that I fixed, when I discovered that github o-auth (external authentication) is broken: after a successful authorization process it still keeps me asking to authenticate (still appears the “SIGN IN WITH GITHUB” option and button).

I tried different browsers, even different OSes, without any luck. There is no error message in the browser’s console either (or any other place I could think of).

Could you please check and fix this?

Best regards!


Hi there:

We’ve feedback to our software engineer,please wait patiently,thank you.


Dear @makeblock.lindingxin and @tech_support, any update on this subject?

We have a bug in our extension that needs to be updated to be fixed… :sweat:

Best regards!



We are handling this problem,because it is little complicated,so it takes time to solve please wait patiently.



We’ve fixed this problem you can login in to your account now and if you still have any problem about this please contact with us,we’ll reply to you ASAP.


yes, it’s working now.



Your are welcome