Blynk and me bluetooth module


Is it possible to make a connection now?


what is your problem,can you describle more clear?


I want to make sure that my balancing robot can adjust the coefficients of the PID regulator through the application blink… But I can’t connect blink and bluetooth module.


Due to blink is not develop by our company,we don’t know why this application cannot connect with our product.if you want to use your mobile phone to control balance robot,you can use our MakeBlock app to control it.


I don’t need to control the movement of the balancer. I need to control the coefficients of the pid regulator, the pid regulator of the speed, which makes the robot move forward, and the pid regulator of movement along the line. TOTAL 9 coefficients.


we had two kinds of self-balance robot,one is Ranger,one is Ultimate,these 2 robots’ main board is different,can you share an image for your self-balance robot?


New photo by Димка «bonny» Антипов