Bluetooth won’t connect


Bluetooth module is flashing slowly, using lithium batteries, but my iPhone 6 does not see the mbot. Any suggestions?


Hi Addie,
I guess I emailed with you.



I’ve read through the mBot bluetooth connect issues as well as the FAQ and I have a similar issue. I bought both mBot Ranger and mBot. Ranger Bluetooth connects and works as expected via bluetooth. The mBot doesn’t show up in the bluetooth device list of either iphone, ipad or PC.

Using USB I can control and program the mBot and it works as expected. I updated the firmware in case that was the issue. Still not working with bluetooth.

The slow blue flashing light never changes regardless of what actions I perform.

Could the Bluetooth module be faulty? How can I determine this?




That is easy to test, you may uninstall mBot and Ranger protective cover, exchange Ranger Bluetooth module to mBot, check if everything works for mBot with Bluetooth. We’ll know is the Bluetooth module faulty or the main board.
To get out the protective cover, you need to unscrew the four screws in the four corners. For Range, please use something thin and hard to separate the base part and the cover. It is not difficult.

By the way, is the mBot Bluetooth same as Ranger’s? Is it possible a 2.4G version with below 2.4g module?