Bluetooth partial connection problems


we have an mBot Ranger. We have buetooth connection problems with some devices.
The robot connects via bluetooth with our PC and with a Samsung A3(2016) but it will not connect with a Wiko Lenny 3.

The Wiko phone detects the robot as a bluetooth device in range but the APP will not connect.
We loaded the newest firmware and use the most current APP version.
Any hints?


Hi sprottig,

It is suggested to use the normal brand mobile devices with Makeblock APP. For some less popular models, the Makeblock APP may not work due to some reasons like hardware limitations.


I would think of Wiko as a ‘normal brand mobile device’. Which hardware specifications are required?
We where able to connect with a second Wiko phone. Can you tell me how the automatic pairing works?
Is it possible to do a manual pairing like on the PC ?


Actually I found the solution in Bluetooth problems with makeblock app on smartphone android 6.0

Activating the GPS made the phone connect to the robot.


Oh sorry, I forget to letting you try this workaround. Thanks for sharing that.