Bluetooth module pin dtr rst


Hi :robot: teams.
I got a makeblock Bluetooth module, in the bottom side it has 7 pins, at one side it has TX RX GND VCC, and at the other side, it has 3 pins, DTR NC RST. My question is related to these 3 pins. I know than the NC one is not used, but what about DTR and RST? What are used for? , And how to connect it to an Arduino uno board.?
Thank a lot


Hi kike,

The DTR is date terminal ready pin, the RST is Reset pin.
When you use the Bluetooth module with Arduino, you can use this module as a normal Bluetooth which only need pin VCC, GND, Tx, Rx.


Ok. Thanks.
And what about sending AT commands to the module using the Arduino IDE serial monitor. Is it possible? Do I need to wire it different?
Thanks once again.


Hi Kike,

I am afraid the Arduino serial monitor doesn’t support send AT commands to the Bluetooth module. You may need use the Serial debugging tools to send AT commands to it.