Bluetooth Module Can't Connect


Just got my Neuron Light Wizard Kit and the the Bluetooth Module doesn’t show up to my iPad, MacBook, or Android Phone. The blue led is blinking, but it isn’t visible to any of my devices.

Is there something I’m missing in order to get it to show up to pair?


Hi themacks

There is no need to pair the neuron Bluetooth with your iPad or tablet first.
Please open the neuron APP and connect the Bluetooth through the APP directly. Kindly refer to the instructions in this link.

Besides, here is a link provide some more instructions for neuron to you for reference.


I don’t see the screen shown in those instructions. Just the popup telling me to open Bluetooth.

As you can see here, Bluetooth is powered on, and was on before opening the Neuron App.

Other Bluetooth devices are working fine, and just to make sure, I connected and used one. However the Neuron Bluetooth Module never shows up as a device here and the Neuron App only tells me to open Bluetooth.


Hi themacks,

The neuron APP support the iPad and tablet.
For Bluetooth connection on Neuron, the iPad should be iPad 3 and above. May I know what is the version of your iPad?

If it is iPad 2, it won’t connect via neuron Bluetooth.


Ah, so it is Bluetooth 4.0+ only then. Might want to have that written down somewhere, it wasn’t anywhere on the Kickstarter page and I couldn’t find it on the Makeblock site.

It is working with a family member’s iPad Mini.


:+1: Great to know that its something that easily resolved if you have one of the below iPad models.

iPads with Bluetooth 4.0+:
iPad, 3rd generation
iPad, 4th generation
iPad mini
iPad mini 2
iPad mini 3
iPad Air
iPad Air 2


And what about those who don’t own an iPad?


Hi themacks,

The Bluetooth module on our product support BLE protocol, for Apple products, only the products published after the year 2011 support BLE protocol which can work with the Bluetooth on our product.
Since the iPad 2 doesn’t support BLE protocol, so it cannot work with our APPs connecting with Bluetooth.

The Neuron APP also support connecting to neuron by Wifi (a wifi module is needed). iPad 2 can be used if you buy a neuron wifi module in the future.

We will add system support individually for Bluetooth connection and Wifi connection on Neuron APP. Thanks for your feedback!


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