Bluetooth in mBlock 5.4 not working


I have an mBot. Today I downloaded the new mBlock 5.4 and it doesn’t connect. The only change I’ve made is the updated mBlock, so any ideas as to why it’s not working would be much appreciated.

For info I’ve managed to pair the laptop with ‘Makeblock’, but it fails to connect to ‘makeblock_LE’. I’ve no idea what the difference is.

Grateful for any advice other than by a dongle because since it worked previously there is obviously not a hardware issue.

Many thanks.



Hello Peter,

Thank you for contacting us.
Please contact our after-sales team ( and send a video of the problem to them for troubleshooting.



Hi Max,

How do I send a video of a computer not connecting via Blue tooth? I have contacted support as you suggest, but they’ve said the same thing.

The key point is the mBot and my computer communicate perfectly well using mBlock 3.4, but version 5.4 doesn’t. Unless you can suggest a way I can generate a log of some description I don’t know how you’ll investigate this issue - but a video will tell you nothing - it’ll just be me getting frustrated.

Happy to provide details but grateful for advice as to how to do so.




Hello, @Lifton, when you installed mBlock 5.4 did it ask you to install any serial drivers? Sometimes this doesn’t happen during upgrades, and I would recommend reinstalling v5.4 from here:
Serial drivers can sometimes include Bluetooth, so this may be your problem.