Bluetooth for mbot version 5.1.0 or app


I have here a mBot Educational Robot Kit (STEM) and want to know if I can use with it the wlan connection with the mbot webversion or mbot version 5.1.0 and app for android.
I have tried with my 2,4g bluetooth but it doesn’t work.
Do I need an other bluetooth modul or adapter for the mbot?
kindly regards for any answer.


mBlock 5 doesn’t support 2.4G connection;
I am not sure what is “2.4g bluetooth”. May I have some pictures of tthe mbot and the modules you have?


Thanks for your answer.
I have here a white usb-stick with 2,4G Wireless Serial.
Enclose I send you some pictures of my mbot.
Hope you can help me how I can connect to Bluetooth 4.0.
kindly regards


Hi haiflosse,
Thanks for the pictures.

Your mBot is 2.4G version which doesn’t support Bluetooth connection. But you have to use mBlock 3.
You can go to this post to download mBot resources (FAQ17 tells how to use 2.4G).

To work with Bluetooth 4.0, you may need below Bluetooth module and Bluetooth dongle:



Thanks for the answer.
Can you send me the link for mbot 3 and the resources where I can use 2.4.
Kindly regards


Sorry, I forget to add the post link:

And you can download:

Download mBlock 3 here:

Also I emailed you a video guidance. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the answer.
So I must buy both the Modul to connect instead my old Modul in the arduino and the dongle?
Can you informe where I can order this for a cheap price.
Kindly regards again


Hello haiflosse,
In short, connect mobile App mBlock, you need Bluetooth module.
For computer software mBlock 3: USB cable, or 2.4G +2.4g dongle, or Bluetooth module +Bluetooth dongle (showed before);
For computer software mBlock 5: USB cable, or 2.4G+2.4g dongle (supported in web version since 27th, Sep), or Bluetooth module +Bluetooth dongle.

For purchase, you may contact Or tell me your region and I’ll check the local distributor.
Also you can check if you can purchase it from Amazon.


Thanks again for the answer.
I am from Austria.
May you can find an offer at
I find only a dongle.
Kindly regards


In Au, you may check with our distributor EE hobbies.


Thanks again for your answer.
You mean with au (Australia) but I am in Austria.
kindly regards


Sorry, my mistake.
Please contact German distributor: ALLNET GmbH Computersysteme


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