Bluetooth Connectivity MBOT


Using Mblock Version 5.3.5 with a Lenovo laptop Windows 10 . Wireless adapter is Intel Wireless Bluetooth. Firmware is LMP10.256

Using it with MBOT, Cannot get Bluetooth connectivity to work.

I have reviewed the blog on this topic, most of it has reference to old Mblock versions.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Hi Mega10990, depend on your description, I think that it could be the issue of Bluetooth connection. Actually the Bluetooth module on mBot is designed for mobile phones. Mobile phones always come with a standard Bluetooth version while Bluetooth protocols and standards vary across different computers. Only a small portion of computers have the matching version. To ensure users better experiences, we currently don’t suggest our users to connect Makeblock products via the computer’s self-contained Bluetooth, but would recommend our users to connect via USB cable rather than Bluetooth connection. If you really want to control it wireless, you can check out our Bluetooth dongle:


I have the same problem with my mBot. The mBot will only connect with my phone over bluetooth. It does not connect with my windows laptop and chromebook. It really does not make sense that the mBot can only work with mobile devices but not regular PCs. The mBot is the only bluetooth device I own that can only connect with mobile devices and not PCs. Your explanation that “Bluetooth protocols and standards vary across different computers” sounds BS to me. Why should I pay another $15 to get an outdated bluetooth dongle?


Hi Edjiang,

As you know, there are various Bluetooth adapters on the market for PC, it is difficult for us to guarantee full compatibility and stable connection, that’s why we developed our own Bluetooth dongle which support almost all of our products to ensure ensure fully reliable and stable.

What’s more, with the official developed bluetooth dongle, it also support upload program to mBot wireless which is not possible for any of the pc built in bluetooth adapter.


Hi… I did have a few issues interfacing and still do sometimes. The primary thing to do is turn on the robot and see the blue light of the Bluetooth blazing. It means that it is searching for a paired Bluetooth. On the android gadget hold up for it to identify the correct robot flag. On my framework there are two potential Bluetooth targets: makeblock and makeblock.le . Try to pair with the primary target, not the moment. There’s a time-out , so you will got to be prepared to permit a blending. Once android sees the robot as a matched gadget, the program I posted can be started and will be able to associate to it. Note that within the Starter module of my program, the line On the off chance that Title = “Makeblock” may have to be be changed for your circumstance. You’ll discover out by attempting to combine within the Bluetooth instruments on your gadget.


actually i was also searching for the same.


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