Bluetooth connection problems between mblock 3 and mbot


Hi, I have a bluetooth connection problem with mblock 3 on mbot. I bought a mbot last year and it has no bluetooth connection problems with mbot 3 or mbot 5. I bought a second mbot this year with an aesthetically different bluetooth module. This mbot does not connect via bluetooth with mblock3 instead it has no connection problems with mblock 5, Why? Maybe mblock 3 doesn’t have updates for new bluetooth modules?


Hi miczappa,

We have updated the Bluetooth module for mBot for a period of time. It doesn’t support mBlock3 software directly. But it will provide a better belutooth connection experience if you buy a makeblock Bluetooth dongle.. With this Bluetooth dongle, both mBlock3 and mBlock5 software will support bluetooth connection with mBot. What’s more, it also support upload program to the mBot through the Bluetooth connection.

This Bluetooth dongle also support other makeblock bluetooth device.


Thanks, I will purchase the dongle. Hopefully it will solve my problems


Hi miczappa,

Okay, that would be a good choice. Hope everything goes well there.


Hi…It looks like MakeBlock Mbot for Scratch X is an app that is no longer supported, and I can’t say this for sure, but it looks like its made by an unaffiliated company.
The app that you should use to interface with the Makeblock Mbot is called “MakeBlock”

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