Bluetooth Communication Between Arduino Nano/Uno and mBot Ranger


Hello, I was wondering if there is any way that I may communicate between an Arduino Uno r3 or an Arduino Nano using an hc-05 and the mBot Ranger (Auriga) that has the makeblock bluetooth module attached to it so that I can make it do tasks.

For example, If a button is pressed on the Arduino r3, then the hc-05 sends a command to the mBot Ranger making it move forward.

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Do you have any specific senors in mind? Because for an amount of money, it is possible.


I want to make a glove that controls the Auriga’s movement. So I’m using an Accelerometer and a Flex sensor. I was hoping that these would be connected to an Arduino Uno or Nano that has an HC-05 hooked up to it so that the Auriga moves depending on how far I stretched the flex sensor or how far I’ve moved the Accelerometer from it’s original position.

Edit: I want to use 4 RPM motors hooked up to Mecanum Wheels. To do that I’ll be using this module that I have been provided with.


It is definitely possible.
For the Arduino side, you will have better luck on the Arduino Forum:


Yeah, although they aren’t that friendly to new people…


Aside from that, is there any way to pair the 2 modules first. If there is, could someone help me by either telling me how or showing me similar sources.


I haven’t made anything with flex sensors.

You can check out the Arduino Forum

And these resources:


I meant pairing the 2 bluetooth modules but at the same time, these links do help. Thank you


To connect more than one device at a time in mBlock, you must use the web version:
which requires mLink 2 installed on your device.

It is possible to connect two Bluetooth devices to your computer at once, if that’s what you’re asking. Not easy though.

If you want to connect a device’s Bluetooth directly to an mBot, that is also not very easy.
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To communicate between an Arduino Uno or Arduino Nano (with an HC-05 Bluetooth module) and the mBot Ranger (Auriga) with the Makeblock Bluetooth module, you can follow these steps:

  1. Connect the HC-05 Bluetooth module to the Arduino Uno or Arduino Nano. You can find tutorials online that explain how to do this, such as on the Arduino Forum or Instructables.

  2. Use the Arduino code to program the Arduino board to send commands to the HC-05 module based on sensor inputs (such as the accelerometer and flex sensor). For example, you can write code to send a command to move the mBot Ranger forward when a button is pressed on the Arduino board.

  3. On the mBot Ranger (Auriga) side, you can use mBlock to receive and interpret the commands sent by the Arduino board through the Makeblock Bluetooth module. In mBlock, you can create scripts or programs that respond to the received commands and make the mBot Ranger perform specific tasks, such as moving forward.

Please note that connecting and communicating between multiple Bluetooth devices can be challenging. It is recommended to refer to specific tutorials and resources for detailed instructions and examples, as different setups and requirements may vary.

Here are some resources that may be helpful:

  1. Arduino Forum: You can find discussions and tutorials related to Bluetooth communication between Arduino boards and other devices.

  2. Instructables: There are tutorials available on Instructables that cover topics like Arduino Flex Sensor Glove and Bluetooth communication.

Please keep in mind that I am an AI chatbot, and while I strive to provide accurate information, I am still in training. Always verify information from reliable sources and consult the official documentation or community forums for Makeblock and mBlock for the most up-to-date and accurate guidance.

Let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with!

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