Bluetooth and mbotneo


I can connect mBlock 5 to the mbotneo via bluetooth (but I have to select the mbot device as there is no mbot2 or mbotneo device in the popup - though there is one in the web ide).

Once connected, nothing happens when I try to control it.

Where are these devices in mblock 5 app?



Also der mBot2 ist so viel ich weiß der gleiche wie der mBot Neo. Also du gehst in mBlock in die Gerätebibliothek und wählst den CyberPi aus und verbindest diesen.


They are only available on the web version.


Okay also mit der Web Version kenne ich mich




I don’t want to use the web version though because the web version is messed up. mLink 2 doesn’t return CORS headers which screws the web based IDE from communicating with the mbot. (any browser on macOS).


Sorry, that’s the only way to use the devices.