Blocky 8-6, wrong translation


Hi, as reported in the forum, the activity mblock blocky 8-6 has the wrong translation in french. However, I am unable to change the language settings of my tablet, and cannot find a way to change the language in the app.

Would it be possible the send me question 8-6 in English, or a pic of the solution?

ref: Stuck on activity 8-6

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Hi there:

Can you send me the link? thank you


I don’t think there is a URL, this is the activity 8-6 in the mblock blocky app for the mBot.



Thank you for your feedback,we’ll send it to our engineer to fix this problem.


Meanwhile, would you mind sending me the english question for 8-6, or where can I find the solutions?



All you need to do is to change your cellphone’s language to English and then it will switch from French to English automatically


Yes, I would love to simply change my language settings, as suggested in the forum in the referenced post from 2019, but the tablet for mBot is locked to french only. this is why I am looking here in the forum for the original english activity 8-6 (or the answer). many thanks


Very sorry about that,we’ve feedback this problem to our engineer they’ll fix this problem within several days,because there are too few users, this app has not been maintained for a long time, so it takes time to fix this problem. Now the easiest way is to download it on your phone and set your phone language to English, the English file embedded in the software very difficult to display in the form of normal documents


Hi Lamontagnep,

I came back from vacation and I hope you have passed level 8.6 Otherwise, here is the solution:

Note: Make sure the ULTRASONIC sensor is on PORT 3.

If you have any other difficulty, I will be available …

Happy new year 2022.