Blockly - Stuck on activity 6-2. Please help!



I have a Bluetooth mBot. My son is learning with the Blockly iOS app (latest version).

He is unable to progress to the “WIN” on level 6-2.
The activity he is stuck with is: “Every time when you block the mBot with your hand from its front, the mBot will play a note”.

I cannot see what he is doing wrong. The help function suggests using the repeat block.

I have posted a screenshot in the link:

  • screenshot 1 shows the blocks set up but he cannot progress.

  • screenshot 2 shows the help function saying he needs the “repeat” block.

The problem is that there is no “repeat” block in the “Control” section - only “Forever” and “Wait until”

Any advice on how to progress, or where online I can find the cheat sheet?



Try enclosing it in the “forever” block.


Thanks. That worked


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