Block diagram for push button led on, push button off


block diagram for push button led on, push button off


Hi fritz,
Which robot do you use?
Please kindly let us know with more details.thanks!


This has nothing to do with robots, I’m using this with arduino for automation of water systems.
In this project I want to use a single momentary button to turn a led (relay) on continuous and then push the button again, to turn off the same led (relay) , like a computer button, using Mblock programming.
Once that’s working and I under stand the block program,
In the final project I need to use the same single momentary switch to cascade through 4 functions and repeat forever.
So what happens is I push a single momentary button 1 time and led (relay 1) turns on and stays on until I push the same momentary button again, once I push the the same momentary button again the next led (relay 2) turns on and relay 1 turns off,
I push the momentary button again and led (relay 3) turns on, relay 1 and 2 relay are off, and push the button one more time and led (relay 4) turns on and relay 1,2,3 are off, push momentary button one last time and it starts all over from the beginning with led relay 1.
I really like Mblock programming, and I have sold some automation and sensing projects to my pool customers! I don’t like programing arduino scripts,.
I wish Mblock or some other block programming had better tutorials or manuals to learn from, examples to me are to ambiguous to conform to my projects.
Thanks Jayson

 I think this product ( Mblock) could be used by small companies with innovative ideas, and get new products off the ground fast, like the 3D printer did.

I would like to see a separate Mblock division dedicated to the advancement of small company thinkers’
I have 4 US patents 1 I’ve sold, but the problem is getting prototypes built fast and cheep, and not having to depend on other expensive outsiders.
I worked for a company for 3 years that manufactured there produces in china, there I was told that the government will pay to make prototypes for innovators! do we wonder why the US is so far behind.
3 things I would like to see happen with Mblock.
1- An Mblock platform devoted to potential product design. not toy robots ( which is great for education! )
2-A broader block selection for Arduino, instead of catering to the expensive hardware companies, the first question a prospective buyer ask me is how much does cost to make? I cant answer that with expensive toy boards and sensors! (I’m sure you have some agreement with them, that’s why a separate education and developer division might work.
3-detailed instructions on what each and every block function is and does.
In conclusion, I believe there is a huge opportunity for Mblock and inventors, please consider this, I’m sick of China getting all the opportunity.
Thanks Jayson