Block Comments Positioning Bug?


If you use the right-click menu option to clean up blocks, and you have comments connected to some blocks, and some of those blocks are moved in the clean up process, then those comments stay at their original position and don’t move relative to the blocks they are connected to. You can see this by switching to sprites and back again - or by saving and reloading.

It makes a mess, if you have a lot of comments. Every comment has to be manually re-adjusted to fix it.


From what I tested, the comment will be gone when the block it linked to is gone. Please provide a video as well as an example program to show the problem. I’m using 5.3.0, FYI.


Hi @tech_support. Thanks for the quick response!

Yes indeed, if a block is deleted the comment is also. This is fine and what i expect.

The problem I have is only while using the block cleanup function and blocks with comments are moved, due to the cleanup process. I will do a screencast tomorrow, to show you. :v)


I tested the “Delete N Blocks” function as well and it removed the comments as well. If there’s something wrong on your software, please keep it to the latest version and try again. If the problem remains, please take a video and several screenshots sending to , it would be helpful to send your original programs as well.


BTW I’m not sure how to display version. I found this, inspecting the IDE page…

<script type="text/javascript" src="mblock.js?v5.3.2-12211550"></script>


Click on the three points logo on the right corner, then choose “About” and you will see. Also you can check update from here


Hmmm… I’m on a Chromebook. My menu isn’t showing like that? Likely because I’m using the web app?


I can try from my Win10 laptop, but this is what I normally use.


@tech_support here are some screenshots, so others reading this will know what I am describing.
I’ve emailed a video directly…

I start by having comments on some blocks. This is where comments and blocks are created originally…

So I want to move the one set of blocks to near the top. I move them and right-click and use the clean option…

All looks just fine…

Until I switch to the Devices tab and back again (or save and reload)…

Note how the comment blocks seem to be in the position they were originally created in.
BTW, this happens in either Devices or Sprites. The comments boxes appear to remain set to their original positions.


Hi Kgingeri, thanks for the detailed description, and now I can understand your question. I tried it myself and it turned out to be same result. I assumed that it’s a bug and reported to our team. This bug should be fixed soon in the future version of mBlock 5, please be noted. Thank you for pointing this out, and it helps us to provide better product to our users :+1:


You are welcome @tech_support. Let me say as a software developer myself, that even tho I’ve just begun to use it, you provide a very solid platform and amazing web app!! Keep up the great work!! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


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