Benbox Minimum laser wont turn on under 200


I have to have my “Low Light Intesity” set to 200 or more to get the laser to turn on. Shouldn’t it turn on at about 5 or 10 , 200 is almost near the 255 max and will burn some materials just to line up the laser.

I have XY v2.0 , Benbox v3.7.99, Orion board, and 1600mw Blue laser.

any ideas?



Hi Chood,

Normally, the laser will turn on (not very bright) when you set the Low Light Intensity to 5 or 10. You may check again.

Besides, check if the wire connections related to laser are connected well and the power adapter provide enough power.


I have the exact same issue, but with the 500mw laser. I have double checked all wires and they all have a strong connection. Any other suggestions?

Did you ever find a solution Chood?

I have XY v2.0 , Benbox v3.7.99, Orion board (with 12V3A power supply), and 500mw Makeblock branded laser.


Hi reidbetts,

Do you mean you also need set large value to to turn on the laser when click the low light intensity? Or the problem details are different?
Do you use the power adapter coming from the XY plotter package to power the Orion board?
Besides the low light intensity option, does the laser engrave the image properly?
If it is possible, we’d like to see a video to show your operation and the problem phenomenon.


Hi Chris,

have nearly the same Problem, but my Laser won’t turn anyway :(.
I have got a XY v2.0, Benbox v3.7.99 Orion board, and 500 mW Blue Laser bought from Makeblock.

Any idea?

When i use mDraw everything works fine!



Just solved the problem after playing around for hours.
I switched the cable of the laser power connector on the orion motherbord.
Seems that changing +/- was the deal.

Strange that Benbox and mDraw has differnt settings?



Hi Peterbier,

Yes, the Benbox and mDraw has different settings. The line order need to be reversed when using Benbox software.