Balance Program in mBlock


Hello every one !! :slight_smile:
I’m searching for block’s to my mBot Ranger self-balance robot “Nevous_Bird” I wish i find any one that have tried it to help me …
I tried to make it so many times before But I found problems and my Nervous Bird didn’t stay balanced and it falls down quickly.
I’m not speaking about the default program it works perfectly; But about mBlock’s block program to edit it and develope it …
Thank you all,…

How can I make a self-bancing robot with mBlock?

I don’t have that hardware, so I am just guessing. Did you try it as a online program (start block with the green flag, needs connection to mobile device or laptop) or offline program (start block mbot program)?

I guess the online mode is too slow to maintain balance


I tried both of them @Andreas !!


I don’t think the default program is that much faster than a Scratch program in Arduino mode. Maybe they used some clever coding.