Bad venting or what?


I have a smart box air purifier and after running the laser for a couple of acrylic and woodcuts it’s unbearable to stay in the room where the laser is cutting the fumes are horrid! I’m not sure whats going on I have the pipe venting directly outside so there is no restrictions in the venting pipe but the machine stinks very bad and so does the room for days! I’m concerned for the health of my young family due to the fume smell in my home. Is this normal? Should I plan on having lung cancer soon, lol! I’m about to throw this thing outside on the deck.


After learning that you do not have a purifier, we have sent you a smoke purifier.
Cutting acrylic will have a strong odor, which is a common phenomenon of laser cutting machines. so does glowforge,We suggest you to use materials with weak odor, such as wood, corrugated paper, glass, etc.