Autofocus and uneven surface


I read that the laserbox has autofocus. I’m about to engrave some metal, will laserbox set focus on the right height by itself, or do I need to specify exactly how thick the material is? Also, how far from the surface will the laserhead move? I have some protrusions on the surface (that will not be engraved), will the laser head pass securily over them?


Hi OllieDiver,

The laserbox pro machine does have auto focus function. When you try to start cut something, there will be a message pops up on software asking you to measure the the thickness of the material, you can click on that and machine will measure (there may be 0.5mm~1mm deviation ) and do auto focus. Or you can manually measure the thickness of the material (will be more accurate) and add this material in the material list of laserbox software so that you can select the material next time and machine will do auto focus as well.

Besides, the laserbox doesn’t support engrave on pure metal. It can engrave on metal material with impurities and special processed like anodized aluminum (iphone case).

Actually, the laserbox pro support flat engraving/cutting, so the default cutting material surface is flat, and the laser head will drop closer to the material surface. The distance from the laser head to the material surface is about 3~5mm, plus some slight jitter, if there are more than 2mm protrusions on the surface of the material, there will be a risk of scratching.


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