Auto hold push button



I’m new to Mblock and I’m looking for information.
I would like to control lights with push buttons.
When I press a push button, the light turns on and stays on. when I press a second time the light goes out.

is to program an auto maintain. It is surely very simple but I can’t find it !! However I have already programmed automatic door openings and it works.

Thank you in advance for your help. And sorry for my English, I am French.


The translations are not very clear. Can you tell us a few pictures?


Besoin de plus d’information.

Est-ce qui’il y a un DEVICE en particulier ???
Juste nous envoyer un imprime écran de la solution.

Nous allons trouver mais si je suis plus sur mBlock5


Simple binary variable to hold the state of your light. Set variable to 0, set light to off.
Wait for button press
If variable is 0, set it to 1 and switch light on
else set variable to 0 and switch light off
Go back to start of loop

Is that what you’re trying to do?


I forgot to specify that it is for an arduino uno.