Auriga + HC-05


Hi :robot:

As you may know, the Makeblock Bluetooth Module can not be configured as Master, so I am trying to connect an HC-05 module to the Auriga board. I will use the Port_5 using RJ-25 to Dupont according to this setting:
Auriga Port_5 (Gray) — > HC-05 Module
RX2/D17 ---------> TX
TX2/D16 ---------> RX
GND ---------> GND
5V ---------> 5V
The other couple of wire remains not connected

Do you think it is correct?

At the other side, I mean the Bluetooth module in the MegaPi board.
Which are the default values? Password? Baud-rates? Name?
And also how to get the module address?

My project is a Mars Rover with MegaPi and the Remote controller using the HC-05+Auriga.

Thanks a lot. An see you soon


Hi Kike,

Though we haven’t tried on the HC-05 module, but normally the connection is similar. You can connect in this way have a try.
For the Makeblock Blutooth, it doesn’t have a password, the default baudrate is 115200 and the name is start with Makeblock. Since it is our customized Bluetooth module special for connecting our software and APP like mBlock, Makeblock APP, we may not be able to provide more info in developing level. Hope you can figure it out with your project.