Auriga Encoder port



what kind of housing is the M1/M2 encoder port on Auriga?
is it micro JST?

trying to connect a encoder motor to Auriga.




Below is the information of the auriga encoder motor cable that we got from the supplier, but I am not it is easy to get in the market:

By the way, what encoder motor you wanna connect to Auriga? Also from Makeblock?


Thanks for your rapid response.

This is the motor i have

i like to “rearrange” the wires (because the pins do not match up) ,put them in a JST housing that will fit the Auriga M1/M2 board. will jst-sh housing fit in the M1/M2 ports?



For a non makeblock motor, without testing, we are not sure if the connector can rightly fit convey data. You may ask other users who may have similar application.


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