Auriga based robot with 6 motors


I am trying to connect 6 drive motors to the Auriga to make a 6 wheel drive robot. 2 are powered via the encoders and 4 are powered via 2 motor drivers. The whole robot barely moves with 6 motors connected and the batteries fully charged. My battery pack is 6x li-ion aa rechargeable batteries. It’s the same one that comes with the starter kit. I did some experimenting.

2 motors connected run at normal speed
4 motors connected run a bit slower
6 motors connected and it barely runs at all.

Is my issue the battery cannot supply enough current or was the Aruiga not designed to drive 6 motors? Do I need a separate battery to power the motors?

Thanks and have a good day


Hi rocky:

FYI:our high-power robot mBot ranger drived by DC6-12v/2Aand it has only two motor drivers.

Consequently, your machine may not provide enough current or voltage to drive 6 motors stably.


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