Arm add on for Ranger - need code blocks


I recently purchased the “Robotic Arm add-on pack for mBot Ranger” for my son’s Ranger. We figured out how to install the unit with some additional parts required, but now we can’t figure out where to find code to operate it. I now see a bunch of posts on this forum saying that the arm is not compatible with Ranger?! It is literally called “Robotic Arm Add-on for mBot Ranger” on the sales website so it seems like there ought to be blocks of code for this. I saw another post recommending an extension pack of blocks, but no specific directions. Can someone please point me to specific code blocks to get this running? My son loved the original Ranger, but is pretty disappointed so far with the lack of direction for the arm. Thanks!


I assume you can use the extension “Maker’s Platform” and use the “DC motor” block to rotate clockwise or counter clockwise, and the same block with the other port to rotate the arm. But I agree that there should be more information.

I figured the above based on the suggested arduino firmware file:


@tech_support Any suggestions?


Hi @tech_support @mblock @makeblock @makeblockdev
I’m still trying to figure out how to make “Robotic Arm Add-on for mBot Ranger” actually work for my child. It’s assembled, but code required is a complete mystery. Help please!


Thanks @rdhelli this makes sense, and I agree it should be pretty straightforward. I’ve tried the Makers Platform and DC motor control but it doesn’t seem to respond at all, so there must be something missing or incompatible.


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