Arduino Nano and Mblock 5 extensions


Congratulations on the creation of the new extension generator interface.
I am a developer who has created an extension for a robot based on Arduino Nano that has a large community in Spain. This extension works correctly for Mblock 3, but when creating the extension for Mblock 5 I see that Arduino Nano is not compatible. Are you planning to add this device in the future? Or is there a way to load an extension created in Mblock 5 into an Arduino Nano? Thank you.


I have 2 Arduino Nano and I find the Makeblock IDE very well done.
It would be nice to add this device.


Hi there,
We have the plan to add Nano in the device library, but the time is not decided. It won’t be in the near future as currently there are a lot of issues with much higher priority regarding mBlock 5.
Users can design extension in the builder for Nano so as to get Arduino nano work in mBlock 5.


Hello @Crackel, @tech_support,
You can develop a device based on your own robot in Extension Builder may be…

Best regards


I would have to look at it but I do not have much time for that … I’ll wait