Arduino C,h libraries when developping a device


I am developing a new device (not an extension).
Where can upload the libraries for the upload transcode code. I’m working with arduino and the only 2 libraries available are MeMcore.h and MeAuriga.h.
I have a L298.h library and a few other. I want to upload them so I can use them with the bloc arduino code. How can I do that?


Hi sebdelprat
If you mean add a Third-party Library for an Arduino Extension.
Here is the example for you, hope it will work to you.


No I was asking how to add extension for a device (not an extension).
For extension, we can upload our own library, it is ok.
For a device, I did not find where to upload it. If you look at the picture attached in my first post, it is for a device and I did not find where to upload the library.


Hi sebdelprat,
Yes I mean to add a device.
Go to [My device]-[Transcode settings] and click + in the Source file area to upload a file.